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What is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)?

CBT is an empirically supported psychotherapy model targeting unhelpful thinking and individual perceptions adversely impacting mood and wellbeing.  CBT focuses on a number of strategies to assist individuals to reframe, refocus and move forward.  These strategies include:

  • Cognitive restructuring

  • Self regulation

  • Behavioural modification

CBT has been found to be an effective treatment model for a number of psychological disorders, including Anxiety and Depression.  Core principles of CBT are:

  • Psychological problems derive from maladaptive thinking

  • This maladaptive thinking influences unhelpful behaviour

  • With support from a Psychologist, individuals are able to recognise and modify unhelpful thinking influencing positive behaviour change and improved wellbeing

Whilst a certain amount of life history is needed, CBT is a timely outcome focused therapy focusing on what is currently going on in an individual’s life rather than historical factors leading up to current unhelpful thinking and behaviours.


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