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Support for Workplace Stress

Although most of us strive to achieve work life balance whilst fostering a healthy, fulfilling career - the work environment is ever changing and can be a stressful and challenging place. Acknowledging this, Sweeney Jones Psychological Services Pty Ltd developed tailorised programs to assist you to manage the stress, anxiety and fatigue arising from daily work reponsibilities. Our goal is to help you to develop short, medium and long-term strategies to manage work-related stress whilst gaining the skills to improve overall wellbeing.


As such, we have created an outcome focused program to specifically address many of the causes of workplace stress whilst providing practical meaningful frameworks to help you to effectively manage these challenges moving forward. Such scenarios include:

  • Feeling overwhelmed by growing workload demands and project deadlines

  • Anxiety from lack of workplace recognition

  • Coping with changing roles, processes and workplace duties

  • Anxiety from the burden of senior/executive expectation management

  • Fatigue from stalled career progression or limited advancement opportunities

  • Coping with challenging personalities

  • Support for workplace bullying/harassment

  • Coping with organisational restructure and efficiency programs


For more information or to link in with support, please don't hesitate to contact us via phone or email.


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