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Managing Your Well-being Whilst Working From Home in Current Climate

Stick to a routine – aim to work your usual work hours, get up at the same time each morning, logging into your computer at your usual time and logging out when you normally would

Maintain social contact with our peers – schedule in a virtual coffee/lunch catch up with your work colleagues via zoom/facetime/skype and check in on each other

Keep Moving – get out for a walk/run or - if in forced isolation, there are many online exercise videos to tap into

Touch base with your managers/peers – share your wins / discuss your challenges / seek guidance/support as required

Practice self compassion – be kind to yourself as you navigate through current climate (e.g., embrace your inner coach/silence that inner critic)

Link in with support - if you are struggling - check in with a health professional and/or access following 24/7 support options


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